Prototyping Playful Technological Artefacts with Dogs

During this year we got the opportunity to work on several prototypes that invite playful interaction with dogs. To share our insights and encourage other people to make stuff for their own dogs as well I created some tutorials for five different prototypes. I hope that others find them useful and experiment with the designs to change and improve them. These projects were developed together with several other people including Alex Camilleri, Dariela Escobar, and Inge van Hoppe. They are credited on each project page.

I uploaded all tutorials to Instructables. A super useful website for everyone that is interested in making things! They can all be found on my profile:

Additionally, one of the tutorials got featured on the Instructables website. After this I got contacted by the editors of Make Magazine. They asked me if they could share the project on their website as well. The result can be found here:

Create Sphero-Powered Puzzles for Your Pet

If you decide to start prototyping one of these projects, I would love to see some pictures or videos of your dogs playing!

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