Public Speaking

Invited Speaker at the Critical Digital Humanities Initiative, University of Toronto, January 2022. VIDEO RECORDING

Guest Lecturer at Cardiff University, the Synergetic Landscapes Unit, June 2021.

Invited Speaker at Klang Games, Lunch talk on Imagining Multispecies Worlds, November 2020.

Invited Conference Speaker at the WUD Silesia Design Conference, Katowice (Poland), November 2019. VIDEO RECORDING

Guest Lecturer at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz (Germany), in the MA program in Media Dramaturgy course “Filming animals: media practices after the human.” January 2019.

Keynote Speaker at the Zürich GameZ & RuleZ conference (Switzerland), November 2017.

Guest Lecturer at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong), in the MSc program in Multimedia & Entertainment Technology, September 2017.

Invited Speaker at Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach (California), public talk, July 2017.

Guest Speaker at Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), guest expert at the graduate studies Design for Animals Lab, June 2017.

Guest Lecturer at the University of Skövde (Sweden), at the Department of Media, Technology, and Culture, February 2017.

Invited Speaker at Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach (California), July 2016.

Invited Speaker at University of Malta Institute of Digital Games in Malta, public talk at the Game Lecture Series, April 2016.

Invited Conference Speaker at the 9th Future and Reality of Gaming Conference in Vienna (Austria), October 2015.

Guest Lecturer: Design Theory Elective Course – Malmö University, November 2015, 2016.

Keynote speaker at the Game Happens Conference in Genova (Italy), June 2015.

Interviews, Panels, and Workshops

The Animal Turn. Podcast interview with Claudia Hirtenfelder. LINK.

Beyond Species. Podcast interview with Stephen Dent. January 2021. LINK.

Swedish Newspaper Sydsvenskan. Written by Emma Flotow. Spelglada pingviner hjä lper designer fö rstå relationen mellan djur och människor [Playful penguins help designers understand the relationship between animals and humans]. September 2020. LINK.

Malmö University. Interview, written by Ellen Albertsdottir, translated by Adrian Grist. Designar åt pingviner för att bättre förstå relationen mellan människa och djur [Playing with penguins to better understand the relations between humans and animals]. September 2020. LINK (SE), LINK (EN).

How to Include Animals in the Design Process. Podcast interview with Bartłomiej Michalski and Łukasz Januszek. November 2019. LINK

More-than-human. Workshop host at the Imagining Collaborative Future Making conference at Malmö University, November 2019. LINK

Research Through Breakfast. Panel member at Storm Innovation Hub at Malmö University. January 2019.

Designers Against Animal Oppression. Medea Vox Podcast. December 2018. LINK

Knowing Animals Podcast. Interview with Siobhan O’Sullivan. September 2018. LINK

Des Jeux Vidéo pour Animaux. Interview with Swiss newspaper ‘La Liberté’ (written by Vincent Bürgy). December 2017. LINK

Workshop organizer – Representations of Dragons in Videogames. Hong Kong Polytechnic University. October 4th 2017. LINK

Beyond the Game – Playful Pets with Michelle Westerlaken. Interview with Indie Toaster (written by Alessandro Cossidente). May 2017. LINK

Games on Games: Game Design as Critical Reflexive Practice. Panel member at the 10th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Msdia (MLT), November 1-4 2014. LINK 

A MAZE. Magazine No. 4 Animals. Animals as Players: Rethinking Relationships with Animals In Captivity. 2016. LINK

Workshop organizer at the 12th Student Interaction Design Research Conference (SIDeR). Micro Gamejam: Exploring Playful Relationships Between Humans and Insects. April 2, 2016, Malmö (SE).

Wie Hund und Katz mit Computern Spielen. Interview with ORF. 2015. LINK

Malmö University website. (2015). Designing for Animals – Master Student Internationally Recognized. LINK

Independent Game Philosophers Panel. Panel member at the 8th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Istanbul (TUR) November 13-15 2014. LINK

The New Scientist. (2014). Lassie Gets an Upgrade. LINK

Brewed Magazine. (2014). Felino. Because Cats Love Games too. LINK